A special drink for healthy blood vessels


A special drink for healthy blood vessels#NATURALREMEDIES

My granddad had a cardiac attack earlier this yr. A cardiologist told us the handiest home made drink to smooth blood vessels and save you coronary heart attacks.


Ginger juice — 250 ml
Garlic puree — 250 ml
Lemon juice — 250 ml
Apple cider vinegar — 250 ml
Honey — 5 tbsp
all the ingredients need to be mixed collectively except for honey and are cooked for 30 minutes on medium warmth. Stir continuously. First take the warmth off and then permit it cool absolutely. upload the honey and blend the mixture. Then, pour the mixture in a easy bottle. it could be saved inside the refrigerator for 1-2 months.

Have 1 tbsp of this aggregate within the morning on an empty belly.

fitness benefits
Honey and garlic reduce the cholesterol levels and blood strain, lemon regulates heartbeats, ginger prevents coronary heart diseases and apple cider vinegar eliminates all the pollutants from the frame.


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